Moschino and Sephora team up for an office-inspired makeup collection

Words by Ruby Staley

Back and better than ever.

Two years ago, Jeremy Scott collaborated with Sephora on an iconic bear-themed makeup collection, and everyone went crazy.

Safe to say, it sold out pretty much straight away.

If you missed out on news of the first release, the pair are once again teaming up on another fun Moschino x Sephora makeup collection.

Inspired by school and office supplies, the limited-edition collaboration is sure to deliver on some heavy nostalgia. Combining Moschino’s charm with Sephora’s beauty expertise, the duo has created eight products that look and feel like your favourite back-to-school staples.

From brushes shaped like pencils, to beauty sponges resembling erasers and highlighters shaped like ACTUAL highlighters, there’s something for everyone.

The collection is due to drop in the US and Canada on April 25. We’ll have our credit cards ready in the hopes it will eventually come to Australia too.


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