The hair and accessories trends you’ll be seeing at this year’s Spring Racing Carnival

With Colette by Colette Hayman and Cloud Nine.

With Spring Racing Season nearing, now’s the ideal time to start planning your look. And you’ve come to just the right place to find some inspiration.
Colette from Colette by Colette Hayman and Beck Carroll from Could Nine have teamed up to show us how to achieve a few trackside looks.

What hair accessory trends will we see a lot of this year? 

Colette: Floral crowns and metallic headpieces are huge trends this year, as is rose gold, pastel and monochrome.

And what about hair? Any styles making a comeback?

Beck: The trend for mid-length to short bobs is still around so I’m feeling hair out will be most popular. I definitely think we’ll see the low, undone bun make more of a comeback, simplicity is key. Think effortless hair.

Any hairstyling tips for those who can’t splurge on getting their hair done at a salon? 

Beck: Less is more, especially when hair accessories are involved. Don’t be too ambitious, sometimes a simple and classic low bun is all you need.

If you’re not into fascinators, what are some other good headwear options that’ll still fit the dress code?

Colette: A hair veil is nice for an edgy retro look. Another option is a polished pony with an elegant ponio hair elastic. Let your outfit do the talking!

Any tips for matching your headwear with your accessories? 

Colette: Spring Racing this year brings an air of elegance and femininity, a pulled together look is everything. Everyone wants to stand out at the races, but not for the wrong reasons. Hair accessories should always complement your dress, bag and jewellery options.

Look at your overall outfit. If you’re wearing this season’s floral trend, go for dainty floral headpieces or a metallic flower crown and match your shoes and purse with your headpiece of choice.

What key accessories pieces should we be investing in this season?

Colette:  The statement earring is by far the key piece of the season – long drop, tassels, circle drops, gold, pompoms and coloured earrings. The bigger the better.

Clutches are small and only leave room for a couple of things. What should we take to keep our hair in check? 

Beck: I always keep a few bobby pins in my clutch for emergencies and a small brush or comb.

What’s the best way to keep a hairstyle in place all day at the races? 

Beck: Depending on the style you are wanting to achieve, keeping a style in place all day is reliant on the use of product and placement of pins if choosing an up-style.

If it’s raining, definitely bring an umbrella. For a super-hot day, choose a style to suit your hair texture. For example, if your hair is prone to going frizzy when it’s humid or hot, choose a smooth style.

Are there any racewear trends we should be avoiding?

Colette: Avoid looking like you are going to a nightclub. The races can be a wild day, but you want to keep it classy and leave looking as polished as when you arrived. Go for comfortable shoes and wear what you know suits you.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look fabulous. Colette by Colette Hayman has a multitude of jewellery, hair items and bags to suit any outfit. Start with the dress and then accessorise!

Anything else we should know?

Colette:  Have fun with your accessories. Spring is a time to be playful.



Hair and beauty notes

Hair was styled firstly with a Cloud Nine blow dryer using Evo Easy Tiger straightening balm to tame flyaways and add thermal protection.

Leah’s hair was parted down the middle as it complimented the hairpiece best.

Cloud Nine’s The Wand was used to add movement/curl. Hair wasn’t curled all the way through to the ends, and this gave a more relaxed feel to the overall hairstyle.

Once the curls were cool (always allow time for the hair to set) Beck used a large tooth comb to give a more wave-like effect.

When the hair was in place, it was set it with Evo Builders Paradise working spray.

Photography: Hayley Pease
Styling: Alistair Thompson-Brown at Colette by Colette Hayman
Hair and makeup: Beck Carroll at Cloud Nine
Model: Leah Perkins
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