What happened when I tried ‘natural’ botox

A different type of needle.

Dr Vivian Tam may be a miracle worker, if her website is anything to go by. Not only has she just released a brand new adult acne treatment (which uses 100% natural, vegan ingredients to treat acne via Chinese medicine all in a single month), but she also uses acupuncture to treat ageing. 

Yep, she too treats sagging skin with needles – just a different type of needle. You know, like ones that don’t contain bacteria from the intestinal tracts of mammals.

If natural botox for a tenth of the price sounds too good to be true, that’s because it kind of is – this isn’t going to give you the kind of frozen-face situation that the Real Housewives favour. This is more about creating healthier, brighter, firmer skin that may prevent some of that sagging that sends many women fleeing to their ‘day spa’ for injectables.

It’s hard to argue against the logic. Acupuncture is generally used for two different outcomes: on one hand, to activate muscles and on the other, to relax them. However, Dr Tam tells me, it’s also great for boosting circulation, as well as encouraging the face to generate collagen. 

As someone who yes, has tried it out, the only way I can explain it is that it’s basically the softest and most calming facial you’ll ever have. 

Obviously, in a world where it’s difficult enough to avoid the constant invasion of chemicals and toxins into our bodies, the idea of a natural cosmetic treatment is pretty appealing. But this isn’t just witch doctoring. The results speak for themselves. The aforementioned adult acne treatment, ‘Zilch’, has seen a 90% success rate in clinical trials as a one-time treatment.

As for what I personally saw after my cosmetic acupuncture treatment (also considering it was only a single, one-off treatment), the redness across my face was definitely reduced, my skin appeared brighter and I had a few compliments on no-makeup days about my complexion. 

Plus, I didn’t wear one ounce of makeup during the fashion week following, so that probably speaks volumes about how good my skin felt.

Over a few sessions, I can see how this could be a natural-skincare win. The wrinkles may still march on, but hopefully at a slower pace and certainly with less irreversible effects.

My Real Housewives career may be on the backburner, but I’ll definitely be back at Dr Tam’s clinic for a top up… or 10. 

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Illustration by Twylamae.

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