Frank Body has unveiled a Shimmer Scrub so you can glow up like the mermaid you are


While we may have been rolling our eyes at the Internet’s apparent obsession with all things ‘unicorn’ and ‘mermaid’ recently, we have to say, we’re actually impressed with this.

The clever people at Frank Body are releasing a limited edition scrub with actual glow dust. So yes, you can shimmer up in the shower and pretend you’re an magical shower mermaid.

The scrub includes Mica, tiny gold and silver particles that have electrical properties for added glow factor.

There are also the usual Frank Body benefits of ground coffee beans for a smooth bod, and grapeseed oil and vitamin E to nourish the skin. If you’re keen on this one (of course you are), the product lands online on May 1 for an easy $19.95. Score.


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