Grace Coddington is releasing a cat-shaped perfume because she knows what you want in life

Grace 4 eva.

Whether you’re an avid fashion fanatic or crazy cat lady, you might be able to identify with Grace Coddington.

Grace has done it all in the fashion industry. She’s walked the international runways, been Creative Director of American Vogue, has written her own books and has stolen hearts. She’s now making her grand debut into the world of beauty with her very own fragrance.

It’s called Grace by Grace Coddington and is a collab with Comme des Garçons. It’s also shaped like a cat.

Art director and Interview editorial director, Fabien Baron, designed the bottle, taking inspiration from one of Grace’s many cat sketches. The result was a bottle with a custom cat-shaped cap. It’s adorable.

As for those keen to get their nose around it,  Grace by Grace Coddington is a rich scent with notes of peach blossom and white musk. The base of the scent is an amber crystal-spiked Moroccan rose.

Grace by Grace Coddington will be available April 19.


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