How to: Create Rebecca Minkoff runway nails

The FJ guide to applying your own ’70s inspired nails from the Rebecca Minkoff runway.

Rebecca Minkoff’s runway for NYFW was all about ’70s glamour. In a nod to the era and its icons, notably Patti Smith, Rebecca Minkoff sent a flurry of studded calf hair embroidery, vests and saddlebags down the runway. 

The standout of the show for us was definitely those nails. The cute chevron shaped nails evoke just enough vintage flare to give you some ’70s feels without leaving you looking like a dirty hippy. 

Here is how it’s done:

1. After applying a coat of base, add a layer of baby pink.

2. Now for the details: paint a berry-coloured reverse V right in the centre of the nail.

3. After that add another reverse V, this time in navy at the edge of the nail.

4. Add a layer of top coat and you’re done! 

Alluring nails that look a lot more complicated than they really are. 


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