I tried the Frank Body Shimmer Scrub with a waitlist of 50,000

Do I feel like a mermaid, as promised?

When I first heard 50,000 people were reportedly on a waitlist for the new Frank Body Shimmer Scrub, my first thought was that it must be made from the tears of a unicorn.

Upon research, I learnt the scrub is actually made from ‘glow dust’, sugar and coffee, with tiny silver and gold particles leaving your skin shining like a disco ball.

I love to glow as much as the next person, so naturally, I wanted to try it for myself. 

As I get my hands on a packet, I can’t help but be impressed. The packaging is so sparkly it hurts my eyes. 

As instructed, I dutifully tear off the top of the sachet and am left a little disappointed by the lack of unicorns to burst out.

My first thought of the scrub is less unicorn, more mule. I’ll be brutally honest, it looks like wet sand. For a scrub that claims to make you shine bright like a diamond, I’m not getting any unicorn vibes just yet.

But hey, I’m not shallow. I’m not all about first impressions.

Of course, it smells delicious, to the point where I can’t stop sniffing the packet. Maybe because it smells slightly like a Dare Iced Coffee, and I’m obsessed with those.

Like Frank Body’s coffee scrub, the shimmer scrub is very coarse. This is a great time to mention I’m also wearing fake tan, making this an official showdown between Frank Body and Bondi Sands.

I scrub away and while there’s a little shimmer effect, I want more. I’m ready to channel Rihanna that time she wore the sheer sparkly number everyone went nuts about.

So do I feel like a mermaid, as promised?

Sure, I have lathered myself in a mud-like substance and am left feeling a little slimy. But I’m nowhere near Badgal’s level of shine.

Still, my skin is feeling super soft and I can’t stop touching it. But a 50,000 person waitlist? Maybe this is just a case of very clever marketing and hype outdoing the actual product.

Then again, for $19.99, you can’t really expect actual unicorns, can you?


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