MAC is releasing 28 neon bright lipsticks

Red and yellow and pink and green…

MAC has never been a brand about the natural look.

So in true MAC form, the makeup giant is releasing another limited edition range. As expected, the shades are far from shy. 

Titled the Colour Rocker collection, the drop features 28 lipsticks in bright new shades.

Did we mention they’re mostly neon brights? Like 1980s disco pants and leg warmers kind of bright.

The more ambitious shades include lime green ‘Madness’, cornflower blue ‘Indigo-Go’ and light purple ‘Flatter Me Fierce’.

As for the more modest, there are the usual brown-y, taupe-y suspects, as well as a red, to be kind.

In favour of a formula with a bit of slip, the lipsticks feature a matte finish to ensure they stay on your lips (and don’t migrate to your cheek/latte/burger).

As if the MAC lipstick counter wasn’t already daunting… (Does anyone else keep picking up the same shade you already own, like 15 times at a MAC counter?)

An Australian release date is yet to be announced, but we’ll keep an eye out for any updates. One for every day in February sounds good. 


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