Rosé deodorant now exists in the world

When drinking rosé simply is not enough.

The newest in a line of products we didn’t know we needed is rosé deodorant.

Because apparently, simply drinking rosé isn’t enough anymore.

The deodorant comes as part of Native’s Brunch Scents collection, which is made with natural ingredients, sans aluminium and parabens.

The Brunch Scents come as a three pack, and also include a sangria and mimosa deodorant. So you can wear all your favourite beverages.

If you had any doubts about this product’s effectiveness, Native’s natural deodorant has been rated an impressive 4.70 out of five stars, from a huge 3121 user reviews.

Sadly for us, Native’s products only ship to the US and Canada. 

Guess we’ll just have to stick with drinking the liquid gold.


Cover image: @yeswayrose

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