Behold, this woman’s beauty tutorial uses food instead of makeup

File under genius.

Heading out after work and forgot your makeup bag? Or just desperately trying to find new ways to procrastinate at work? Well, if you’re brave enough to try it, you can now do a full face of makeup using only food from your office.

Ms Yeah’s Youtube tutorial ‘DIY Makeup With Food’ has proved just that. Starting out strong, Ms Yeah mixes up a perfectly smooth foundation from kitchen supplies. She proceeds to get more and more inventive, to the point where she steals her co-worker’s hair to create false eyelashes.

While the whole video is pretty odd and hilarious (watch out for her co-worker’s makeover), the end result? Very impressive.

You can check out Ms Yeah’s other ingenious ideas, like making steam buns with a garment steamer and using a fire extinguisher to create ice cream, on her channel.

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