The Haircut Menu is amazing

Hershesons salon in London is about to rock your world, with a menu of the best haircuts to suit every face.

Not all of us are great at painting a picture with our imagination brush. Unfortunately, this minor flaw in our otherwise brilliant personalities means we can often leave the hair salon less than enthused about our new do. Sure, we can trawl the web for celeb pics all we want, but that means hunting down the exact picture where said celebrity’s hair looks just right as they swan about on the red carpet – and even then there’s always a little bit of explaining to do while you sit in the chair waiting for the snippers.

The clever hairdressers at Hershesons salon in London will prevent ‘winging it’ remorse with their new development. Into the Gloss have released a visual menu of eight different haircuts by the salon, including a chic version of something for everyone: fringe, long layers, a Donna Hayward Twin Peaks bob, a fashion bowl cut, and a few choppy side swoops. All you need to do is point to whichever tickles your fancy, sit back and be ready to leave the salon feeling nothing but fab.

So, when’s the next flight to London?


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