This makeup changes colour with your body temp, is actually magic

Better than a mood ring.

There’s a new beauty trend that’s got us excited.

Last week, 3INA teased a collection of makeup that changed colour under UV light. Now, a Texas-based cosmetics company is taking things a little further.

Chaos Makeup has shared a look at its new colour changing creams.

The brand is playing with a range of new pigmented formulas, that change shades with heat, sunlight and water.

Who needs a mood ring when your makeup changes based on your body temp?

Currently still in the prototype phase, the creams are expected to drop in at least two different shades.

“Once we narrow down the formula, we will narrow down the colour selections and go from there,” Chaos Makeup owner, Megan Martinez, told Nylon.

Expect the heat and light-activated creams to come first, Martinez says we can expect them in about a month.


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