We quizzed Joey Scandizzo on how long you can go without washing your hair

The hair director of Australia’s Next Top Model knows what’s up.

When we try to imagine Joey Scandizzo’s CV, we see a pretty long list.

First, you have his numerous and extremely celebrated salons; then the fact that he’s the three-time winner of the Australian Hairdresser of the Year award; then his title as co-founder of ELEVEN Australia.

Most recently, however, he’s taken on the role as hair director of Australia’s Next Top Model. Partnering with the show for season 10, it’s been Joey’s job to ensure every runway, photoshoot and meltdown hairstyle is of the highest Scandizzo standard.

As a passionate recapper, I jumped at the chance to grill Joey, hoping to score some inside info on what really goes on behind the scenes.

As a girl very unattached to her hair, I cringed at the TV every time a model overreacted about a tiny mop makeover. Be honest, how annoying was it when girls shed tears over their hair, even though you’re the expert trying to improve their appearance?

From my experience at the salon, I completely get it. Most of my clients are really attached to their hair and would never let anyone else take full control. As a hairdresser, having someone crying through a haircut is a terrible feeling. I’m just glad that all the models have really owned their look since their makeovers.

What’s the difference between styling hair for a runway and a photoshoot?

For runways, hairstyles should have a bit of movement to complement the model’s walk. The other key difference is the audience sees a runway from all different views, so the hair has to look perfect from every angle.

When styling a photoshoot, there’s a lot more freedom. You can style hair so it’s structured and perfectly placed or you can keep it more relaxed for that done-but-undone look.

I coined the term ‘hairdresser’s regret’. It refers to the times you go in asking for a style and leave saying, “oh I love it!” only to then go home, cry and plan your relocation to Cuba. Do you have any tips on avoiding this phenomenon?

Ha! If you have an image of a style you’re after, show your hairdresser. We’re visual people and a photo can say what you’re after a lot better than words.

Do you have any personal hair regrets?

Shaving my head. With a nose like mine, it’s not a great look…

What celeb hairstyle do you get requested the most?

The Kardashians. Unfortunately.

If you’re poor like me, what are the hair products you should splurge on?

As the co-creative director, I can’t go passed ELEVEN Australia! If you only want to invest in a couple of hair products, the first should definitely be a salon professional shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Look for one that provides loads of hydration with ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter.

Let’s be real. How long can you leave your hair unwashed before it becomes officially gross? 

It all depends on your hair type and which styling products you use. As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with washing your hair every two to three days, as long as you’re using good quality shampoo and conditioner. For longer styles, you can hold out an extra day but if it starts to smell, it’s time for a wash.

If you’re after a quick refresh, dry shampoo is always handy. You can also use volume powder to remove excess oil and provide hair with volume and texture at the same time.

If you could do anyone’s hair in the world, who would it be?

Lady Gaga. She loves to reinvent herself and feel she’d be up for anything being done to her hair.

What product do you recommend to everyone?

ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment. It hydrates, prevents split ends, protects against heat styling and so much more. You can’t go wrong with this leave-in treatment. I use it on all my clients at the salon and in every hairstyle on Australia’s Next Top model.

What’s been the proudest moment of your career thus far: Winning hairdresser of the year (three times); Co-founding your own range of haircare products; OR being able to share the screen with my personal sass idol, Alex Perry?

Hard one! Winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year three times would be my career highlight. Travelling the world with ELEVEN Australia doing what I love and working with the Australia’s Next Top Model team would definitely be up there too.


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