Beauty report: Dior ‘Backstage’ collection

Image via Dior
Words by Rachel Krasky

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Name: Dior Backstage collection
Available from: sephora.com.au

The launch of Dior’s Backstage collection has created a lot of hype. We gave the whole range a test drive and broke down the good, the bad and everything in between.


Face and Body Foundation – This was the first surprise of the collection that had me excited to try the rest. It claims to be a buildable foundation with medium coverage, matte finish and sweat-proof formula. For my dry skin, I don’t find it too matte. It feels like more of a satin finish that lasts on the skin ALL day. The fact that it’s so lightweight with decent coverage has made this my new day-to-day foundation. Love.

Glow Face Palette – So much YES. I am obsessed with this highlighting palette. I have not stopped using it. The formula contains more glitter than I’m used to, but the finish is 10/10. It’s not powdery and I love the four colour options – they can be mixed to create a look for any skin tone. This one is a big winner!

Brow Palette – This brow pomade is GOOD. In general, Dior seems to nail the brow department (I recommend you try its brow pencils). The palette formula is unique and applies so easily – it’s basically impossible to make your brows look bad. A+ for formula and usability.


Eye Palette – Don’t get me wrong, the two palettes in this collection are really nice. Both the warm and cool palette are easy to use and great for every day. It’s a nice formula that blends easily. But are they game-changing? Can you get something similar or better for less money? Yes. While both products would be a nice addition to your collection, they aren’t ground-breaking.

Lip Palette – Lip palettes aren’t a common collection piece anymore, so I did think this was a nice touch. The formula is great, it has a nice colour selection (although some more nudes would have been good) and you do get quite a few shades in one place. I like the palette for something different, but it’s likely you’ll have the majority of its colours in your collection already.


Contour Palette – Unfortunately this product was a bit disappointing. I didn’t find the contour powders particularly easy to blend and the shades aren’t that versatile. Even the lighter shades weren’t light enough for me to highlight with. I would pass on this one.

Brushes – These brushes are nice, but are they worth the price? To be blunt – no, you’re probably better off with a cheaper brand like Real Techniques. Although they look nice, none of the brushes do a better job than my regular ones. It’s a pass.


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