Beauty report: Liberty Belle RX Dream Team Serum

Words by Rachel Krasky


Name: Liberty Belle RX Dream Team Serum
Price: $138
What it does: a serum that refines skin tone, texture and pores and improves radiance
Available from: libertybelle.com

How it feels

To give some background, the Liberty Belle RX range was created by famous Melbourne surgeon Dr. Chris Moss and owner of Liberty Belle skin clinic. The clinic used to stock a variety of well-known dermatological skincare brands and then ventured into its own line – Liberty Belle RX. What I find fascinating about the brand is the price point. Considering this is one of the most well-known, high-end boutique clinics in the country, it’s managed to create a line of high-quality products, at very reasonable price points. Today’s focus is the Dream Team Serum, a formula of retinol 1.25, B3 and Ferulic acid. The texture of this product is perfect, it’s not too heavy and easily goes on the skin. The packaging is simple but efficient and finished with a dropper so you aren’t wasting too much product. To be honest though, the star of this show is the ingredients – which as the name suggests are definitely a dream team!

Why I like it

I’m going to keep this simple. The reason I like it is the ingredients work and actually do something. In the current beauty climate that offers shoppers an overwhelming amount of information and ingredients, I am on the hunt for skincare that actually gives me some results. The retinol in this product is a game-changer – you can literally see effects overnight as it helps even out the skin, reduces visible texturing and leaves the skin feeling plumper. My one piece of advice, though, is that if you are new to retinol, I would start with a 0.5 dosage (this contains 1.25%) as it’s quite an active ingredient. The Liberty Belle serum mixes it with niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – a key ingredient used by many mainstream skincare brands which helps reduce skin dullness and prevents anti-ageing – to produce a winning combination. The other hero ingredient is the Ferulic acid (another dermatologist favourite) which fights damage to the skin. It’s become a staple in my routine and one I will continue to purchase regularly.

Areas for improvement

This one is hard to fault, because the retail price is very fair for the quality of ingredients you are receiving. Liberty Belle in-clinic treatments might be out of budget, but I highly recommend this product range


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