Beauty report: Napoleon Perdis Total Bae Patrol It! Lip Squad

Words by Eve Oswald

Reporting for duty.

Name: Napoleon Perdis Total Bae Patrol It! Lip Squad in ‘Spinning’
Price: $45
What it does: This three-step lip kit includes a long-wearing lip liner with in-built sharpener, high-shine lipgloss and matching matte lipstick.
Available from: napoleonperdis.com

How it feels/smells/looks

The Total Bae Patrol It! Lip Squad arrives in two shades – I tested ‘Spinning’, which is a soft, almost Baby Spice powder pink. The self-sharpening lip liner allowed me to really outline and emphasise my lip shape (a step I usually skip out of sheer laziness, but also an important one). The lipstick applied creamily and buttery and felt super nourishing for such a matte finish. For the last step, the gloss slicked on smoothly and delivered on its high-shine promise. Throughout the day, I barely had to think about my lips; the colour stayed on and I didn’t have to reapply the liner or lipstick at all. Just a top-up of gloss after eating.

Why I like it

It didn’t transfer to my chin or teeth at all during the day, and it’s paraben-free meaning no irritation. There’s also a handy light built into the lid of the gloss that points directly at your lips when applying with the wand.

Areas for improvement

As the first two products are so matte, the formula tends to stick to dry skin. I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips before wearing (if you’re more organised than me).


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