Beauty report: Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner

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Name: Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner
Price: $45
What it does: A natural toning lotion that soothes the skin as it cleans. The formula balances, clears and tones without stripping or dehydrating your face. This stuff is amazing, especially if your skin is super sensitive.
Available from: triumphanddisaster.com.au

Key ingredients

Tasmanian pepper fruit extract — Very soothing and calms irritable skin.

Alpine willow herb extract — Clinically proven to shrink and reduce pore size, while balancing sebum production.

Witch hazel extract — A well-known natural anti-acne agent, it’s no secret that Witch Hazel has been used throughout the centuries to treat problem skin.

How it feels/smells/looks

It doesn’t really smell like anything and comes out clear, but it feels amazing when it’s on your skin. My skin felt tight, which made me feel like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

Why I like it

As someone who has oily skin, I like products that clean deep in your pores without doing damage. It felt like I had received a facelift after applying, which is definitely something I want in my daily routine.

Areas for improvement

You can’t really fault a toner like this. It would be nice to see Triumph & Disaster come up with another toner that has a nice smell that lingers on your skin.

Final comments

I love the drawstring bag it comes in. So cute.

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