Beauty report: Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit

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Name: Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit
Price: $129
What it does: Four cosmeceutical serums each with a different vitamin profile and unique benefits (Anti-Ageing, Build Moisture, Clarity Enhancing, ER)
Key ingredients: It depends on the serum, but the primary ingredient for each is Vitamins A, B, C and E respectively. The full rundown is here, if you’re interested
Available from: alpha-h.com

How it feels/smells/looks

The kit comes in a neat little package which I’ve slotted into my wardrobe. Each serum is different, some feel thicker while some are very light. All easily absorb into the skin. 

Why I like it

I can tailor my skincare based on how my skin is feeling that morning. This is especially helpful for days when I feel tired or dehydrated, with a number of the serums feeling cooling and soothing.

Areas for improvement

I honestly can’t think of any.

Final comments

Highly recommended to anyone confused by their skincare routine. Too many products can put your skin into overdrive, but these seem to work in harmony. 

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