The best-wearing colourful eye makeup, based on rave internet reviews



The people have spoken.

There’s something very trustworthy about a person who leaves a product review. They’ve tried it, contemplated the results and gone to the effort of typing out a comprehensive (more or less) summary of their experience.

Granted, sometimes it’s because the reviewer is petty and needs to take their anger out on the internet (the time my Amazon garlic press was simply not pressing) – but for the most part, reviews are left for the greater good of the online shopping community.

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Regardless, I will never invest in a beauty or skincare product without a thorough scroll through the comment section. It saves me a lot of impulse purchase regrets and most of the time, the people know what they’re talking about. How else am I supposed to distinguish a ‘shimmery finish‘ from a ‘greasy smear’?

So naturally, when I wanted to investigate the best colourful party season eye makeup, I had to consult the experts. Here are the beauty crowd’s top-rated picks.

Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow


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Star rating: 4.4 of 72 reviews on Mecca

This eyeshadow looks very fun – and the people seem to agree. According to one spirited reviewer, this Kosas liquid eyeshadow is “such a unique product”.

Appropriately titling their review “Listen and glisten!!” (j’adore), they purchased the taupey-champagne colour ‘Globe’, stating it gave them a “bronze eye with no effort”. With eight cool shades and a multitude of reviews singing its long-wearing praises, this feels like a party winner.

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Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow


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Star rating: 4.7 of 924 reviews on Mecca

Glitter forever! This Stila eyeshadow has 924 reviews and an accompanying award for Best Beauty On-the-go, won in the 2020 Mecca Beauty Election (I love politics!). One reviewer called it a “sparkle dream cream”, stating it was “so pigmented, so easy to use!”.

Another enthusiastic disco sweetie said it was “one of the best glitter liquid eyeshadows ever”. Huge! As for staying power, reviewers said it was “smudge-proof”, “stayed all night” and “lasts well throughout the day”.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Liner

Star rating: 4.5 of 1134 reviews on Sephora

Despite the name being a bit of a mouthful, this Marc Jacobs liner (and its abundant shade range) seems to be a favourite among energetic reviewers. A little more subtle than an all-over lid shade, one review said “it looks amazing in the waterline for a pop of colour”.

Its twist-up design is well-loved, as is its gel-to-matte formulation. “Gives you a little time to play around with it before it sets”, one reviewer said, “but once it sets, it sets! No budging”.

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Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara


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Star rating: 4.3 of 2567 reviews on Sephora

I must admit, it’s not easy finding a highly-rated colourful mascara. Most people stick with the OG black shade – and I understand. We love the classics. But when it comes to an all-out vibrant eye look, cobalt lashes can make all the difference (or pink, green, yellow – there are no rules).

Not only does this Dior mascara have a blue option, but a sparkle-laden one too. One hyped reviewer said it’s “a product they will buy over and over again”, explaining that the formula “makes [their lashes] look longer and stand OUT”. The best part? It’s “long-wearing” while being “not impossible to remove”.

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Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Star rating: 4.6 of 138 reviews on Mecca

This looks like something Ke$ha would’ve worn circa 2011 and I love it. As one reviewer gushes, “it’s a game-changer. Love it. It glides perfectly and stays”. Available in five metallic shades, it adds a “great sparkle”.

And if you were hesitant about the price, the hyperenthusiastic reviews will sway you. As one five-star reviewer says, “Unlike cheaper competitors, it evenly applied glittery goodness without having to touch-up repeatedly”.

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