CoverGirl becomes the biggest makeup brand to get a cruelty-free certification

Image via CoverGirl
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

One giant leap for animal kind.

Another major beauty brand has taken the leap into the cruelty-free market.

CoverGirl has just received the Leaping Bunny Certification from Cruelty Free International the globally-recognised stamp of cruelty-free products announcing its entire line will be cruelty-free from this time forward.

The brand took to Instagram yesterday to share the news, stating: “As the biggest makeup brand to achieve the Leaping Bunny certification, we’re committed to getting affordable, ethical makeup into the hands of anyone who wants it.”

Parent company Coty has also partnered with Cruelty Free International in a bid to end animal testing in the makeup industry. By 2020, we can expect at least one of Coty’s other beauty brands, which includes Rimmel and Max Factor, to rep the same Leaping Bunny certification.

Click here to read more about the announcement.


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