Disney face masks are here for the princess in all of us

Images via Mad Beauty
Words by Nikki Escalante

A whole new world.

Incorporating Disney princesses into our skincare routine is just peak 2018.

Beauty website Mad Beauty has released Disney face masks, so you can transform into your favourite character while treating your skin.

The set features four face masks, designed to resemble Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Jasmine thanks to contoured illustrations on each individual sheet.

As for the benefits, each mask is centred around its corresponding princess.

Jasmine’s A Whole New World green tea mask helps revitalise the skin, while the Ariel Jewel of the Sea mask cools and hydrates with cucumber. To achieve a brighter appearance, Belle’s Enchanted Rose mask is enriched with rosewater. Meanwhile, the Aurora True Love’s Kiss mask offers a lavender-infused formula that relaxes and calms the skin.

For anyone who didn’t resonate with the princesses growing up, the site also offers a classic villain set featuring Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella de Vil.

The packs are available for around $8.


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