Kim Kardashian has been accused of ripping off Urban Decay’s new Naked Palette

Image via KKW Beauty
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Stirring the (eyeshadow) pot.

A copycat scandal involving two major players Urban Decay and Kim Kardashian – has erupted on social media.

Last month, Urban Decay unveiled the Cherry eyeshadow palette, the brand’s latest addition to its Naked range.

More recently, however, Kim K took to Instagram to share KKW Beauty’s upcoming Cherry Blossom collection. And the internet is noticing some similarities, with some accusing the reality star of straight-up theft.

While there are some pretty obvious resemblances (aka the cherry) the product ranges do differ between the two collections. With Urban Decay’s offering, you’ll find an eyeshadow palette, two eyeliners, three lipsticks, a face palette and a cherry-scented setting spray.  Kim’s collection includes an eyeshadow palette, three blushes, eight cream lipsticks and three lip liners.

Let’s also just take a minute to acknowledge the difference between cherries and cherry blossoms.

Kim did explain the inspiration behind her latest beauty collection, too. You might recall the cherry blossom trees she used for her daughter Chicago’s baby shower back in Jan.

We’re not sure there’s any weight in the conspiracies behind this one, but you can take a peek below at the releases for yourselves.


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