Evo’s dropped a new platinum duo, right when us blondes need it most

When your hairdresser won’t return your calls.

Only blondes will know the struggle.

As time stretches out between salon visits (this current period being particularly long), your hair starts to turn from bright to brassy.

It’s one of the perils of being blonde and for platinum blondes, it hits hardest.

We’ve now been in lockdown for about six weeks, which the blondes amongst us will know is a particularly sore point. But with suspiciously perfect timing, Evo has released a new product designed for platinum hair.

Unlike other blonde and purple shampoos on the market, the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Shampoo is a particularly strong toning shampoo (you need gloves to apply it). It has a high pigment load to evenly tone and neutralise any brassiness in colour-treated hair.

It also brightens and extends the shelf life of platinum colour, which is entirely necessary as my hairdresser won’t answer my calls.

As a shampoo, the formula includes a gentle sulfate-free cleanser to protect against colour-fading. It also softens and strengthens hair, leaving it feeling surprisingly healthy (a difficult feat, as anyone who has gone platinum will know).

The drop joins its fellow saviour, the Evo Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment. For those unacquainted, it’s a nourishing treatment that revives damaged hair, restores and maintains moisture and promises a brilliant shine. All this, while boosting platinum colour.

The duo should be used together for best results. Which is good to know, because Evo has released them as a set. Pick them up here.


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