Evo’s new curl range promises to work for wavy, curly and coily hair


Get you a curl range that can do both.

Curls are sensitive, moody little things. One day they’re the best they’ve ever looked – bouncy, well defined, framing your face perfectly and making you feel like Carrie Bradshaw-meets-’90s Kate Hudson. And the next day they’re sticking out at all angles, lacking definition, or worse still, have been taken over by the dreaded frizz.

As someone who oscillates between nicely-defined, loose, wavy curls one day and a flat-on-top, knotty-underneath, completely-devoid-of-definition mound of desperately dry hair the next, I am well versed in the complicated and often disappointing world of curly hair products.

Curl products are generally a) coconut smelling, b) sticky and c) only work for a certain curl type, so Australian haircare brand Evo’s new curl range took me by surprise. Evo has somehow created a range that smells fresh and modern, is devoid of stickiness and works for all curl types, from 2 to 4, a to c, covering wavy, curly and coily hair.

The purpose of the range is to enhance your natural curl type, and I can say from firsthand experience that it very much makes good on this promise. After one use, my hair was bouncy, well-defined and exceptionally hydrated, and my curls had me feeling like a sassy ’70s dream, which is all I ever aspire to in life.

The range features five products that run the gamut from a deep cleansing rinse to a nourishing spray-in treatment. First off the rank is Springsclean, a deep clean rinse for when your hair is really dirty. (That is, when your hair is looking a little less Kate Hudson’s golden curls in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and a lot more Charlize Theron’s dry frizzy nightmare in Monster).

Springsclean does the seemingly impossible; it eliminates built-up dirt and excess oil without stripping away moisture or colour, so your curls won’t be left feeling dry and crunchy.

Next up, there’s Heads Will Roll, a co-wash for all those in-between times. I know, I also baulked at the idea of a co-wash initially (it reminded a little too much of men and their beloved three-in-one washes), but this stuff is the real deal.

It’s low foaming and super moisturising, thanks to the oils and butters it contains, and it gives you a gentle clean – perfect for those days when you’re looking a little rough around the edges but aren’t quite ready for a deep clean situation.

Now, what good haircare range aimed at us curly-haired folk would be complete without a nourishing curl treatment? Evo’s Baby Got Bounce treatment is made for thirsty curls and, according to the brand, is “like consuming eight glasses of water without the trips to the bathroom”. Excellent.

The best part about Baby Got Bounce is the ingenious spray bottle. Gone are the days of scooping out globs of gloopy product and losing half of it down the shower drain in the process. It’s delightfully easy to use; just spray it all over, leave for three to five minutes and then rinse.

And finally, we have the holy grail of any curly-haired person’s routine – the styling products. Evo has offered up two equally delightful options here; Liquid Rollers, a curl balm that enhances your natural curl pattern without weighing it down and Total Recoil, a hardworking curl definer that gives you enviable definition.

Incredibly, both products manage to define curls without leaving the dreaded residual stickiness and heaviness that so often accompanies curl-centric products. But by the time you’re trying out Evo’s curl definers on your freshly-washed hair, I’m betting that you’ll have already been won over by the rest of the range. It’s just that impressive.


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