Fluff Cosmetics release new pocket-sized hand sanitiser

Words By Tori Mathison

Not just a pretty face.

A little while ago we published a piece about the bougiest hand sanitisers on the market and had this baby been on offer back then, it would’ve 100 per cent made the cut.

While the world has been turned on its head and the Dettol has run dry, unorthodox beauty brand Fluff has been toiling away over a pocket hand sanitiser that’s sure to steal your heart and find its way into your handbag. 

Fluff has made a name for itself with its inclusive beauty ethos, reinforced by a modern aesthetic and dreamy refillable packaging, often opting for an anti-statement statement, with a ‘not more, just better’ approach. 

In classic black-sheep-of-the-beauty-industry fashion, it has ditched the chemical blueprint. It’s opting for clean and cute instead, with natural ingredients like nourishing jojoba oil and antibacterial tea-tree and ashwagandha root.

It’s 70 per cent alcohol (so it’s a certified sanitiser), and it’s cruelty free, not to mention it’s only $13. 

And if a mini fluro dropper-bottle and the all-natural ingredient list isn’t enough, it also doubles as a makeup brush cleaner. Fluff one; Dettol zero.

In Fluff’s own words, “Don’t buy this if you don’t need this. Buy this if you use sanitiser but want something prettier or because you want to support Fluff.”

Available to pre-order here.


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