We trialled 6 different setting sprays to see how they stack up

Set in stone.

There’s nothing worse than spending a good 30 minutes perfecting your makeup, only to check the mirror a few hours later to see it’s vanished without a trace.

Thankfully, there’s a whole host of setting sprays on the market to combat that exact problem. And we decided to put some of them to the test.

Brand: Urban Decay
Name: All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
From: mecca.com.au
Price: $49

A staple in many makeup bags, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray has achieved cult status for a reason. The lightweight spray locks down foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow and whatever else you’re rocking for hours on end, as well as giving your skin a smooth, satin finish. The nozzle also delivers a fine mist every time, so no need to worry about drenching your face with uneven spurts.

Rating: 5/5

Brand: Ciaté London 
Dewy Spritz
From: mecca.com.au
Price: $36

This product is posed as a two-in-one – use pre-makeup as a base primer or after to set. It’s not heavy duty by any means, but definitely does give your look a little more staying power. Unlike some setting sprays, this one feels incredibly light and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just covered your whole face in hairspray. The pearlescent pigments work well to give a dewy finish, without making you look over-the-top glittery

Rating: 3.5/5

Brand: NYX Professional Makeup 
Make Up Setting Spray
From: priceline.com.au
Price: $14.95

This spray is the kind worth having on hand if you’ve got a special occasion and your makeup’s at risk of sweating off. Whether you’d want to wear it every day into the office is another thing though. Once on it feels really tacky and tight, almost like you’ve added another layer of makeup. Regardless, it gets a great rating for doing what it says and not breaking the bank.

Rating: 4/5

Brand: 3INA 
The Fixing Spray
From: 3ina.com
Price: $18.50

This fine mist smells great, but has the tendency to be a little too wet and needs to be sprayed at a distance to ensure your face doesn’t end up drenched. Once on, it feels light, hydrating and moisturising, and works well to ensure makeup longevity. You’ll want to make sure you use before your mascara, however, as the watery nature of this product means there is a risk of running.

Rating: 3/5

Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Name:  Prep + Prime Fix+
From: maccosmetics.com.au
Price: $36

Part setting spray, part primer, MAC’s Fix+ has been around long before contouring was considered mainstream. And there’s a reason for that. While it may look like fancy packaged water, the product has an endless amount of uses. Among many others, it acts as a way to refresh skin before makeup application, while also setting it in place afterwards. I’ve recently discovered the benefit of using it during all stages, and have received endless compliments on my complexion since.

Rating: 4/5

Brand: beautyblender
 RE-DEW Set & Refresh Spray
From: sephora.com.au
Price: $45

As a devoted beautyblender user, I was super keen to trial the brand’s Set & Refresh Spray. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed. The two-phase solution includes antioxidant-infused water, combined with a nourishing milky oil. When shaken, these ingredients combine to make a rich spray that leaves skin fresh, smooth and extremely moisturised. If you like a dewy finish, you will love this product. However, if you like your complexion a little more matte, I’d suggest keeping your distance.

Rating: 4/5

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187.

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