Le Labo’s new fragrance smells like the earth after rain

Words by Mariah Papadopoulos


Luxe perfumery Le Labo has released a new fragrance that emulates the crisp, damp smell of the earth after rain.

It’s called ‘Baie 19’ and it recreates the feeling of release during heavy rain after a dry spell, also known as Petrichor.

The name incorporates the French word for ‘berry’, which is fitting given one of the base elements of the scent is the juniper berry. Baie 19 combines the berry with other dry components like patchouli and musk, and then soaks these in the smell of rain.

Le Labo is based in New York City, so the scent coincides with the US and European summer’s descent into autumn. But for those of us in the southern hemisphere, it’s also the perfect background to the spring rain starting to fall as the air warms up. 

As with previous scents, each bottle is hand-blended and comes with a personalised label.

Sample the scent in-store at Le Labo’s Melbourne and Sydney boutiques, or order online. 


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