Moschino x Sephora have been called out for ripping off another makeup line

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Highlighting similarities.

So, you know the new Moschino x Sephora collab? The one inspired by office supplies?

Well, it turns out it might have been inspired by more than just the contents of your pencil case.

In Diet Prada’s latest investigative callout, the collection has been linked to the work of The Crayon Case. The cruelty-free brand’s range is entirely based on stationery, with products like chalk dust setting powder and crayon-inspired eyeshadow palettes.

As pointed out by DP, certain products in Moschino’s release – like pencil brushes, sharpie eyeliners and eraser sponges – bear a striking resemblance to those available from The Crayon Case.

Like all DP posts, there’s plenty of debate in the comments over whether the Sephora collaboration counts as a knock off.

Check out the comparison below and see what you think.


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From Franco to Jeremy, the campy surrealism of @moschino is basically the entire DNA of the brand. From bags that look like motorcycle jackets to perfume bottles that resemble Windex cleaner, everything has an undeniable stamp…except their new cosmetics collaboration with @sephora . Although in line with the house codes, the collection bears a suspicious resemblance to @thecrayoncase. Launched in 2017 by entrepreneur @supa_cent, much of the line is school-supplies themed, with restocks of the Crayola-inspired palettes and pencil makeup brushes selling out on the regular. Is it possible that Moschino’s SS19 marker collection birthed the inspiration for this collaboration? Maybe, but it’s hard to fathom with so much overlap. Final grade for their little project if you ask us? B- for execution, F for originality. • #thecrayoncase #supacent #moschino #sephora #jeremyscott #collab #collaboration #beauty #cosmetics #makeup #makeuptutorial #beautybloggers #schoolsupplies #surrealism #markers #sharpie #camp #francomoschino #brushes #highlighter #eyeliner #entrepreneur #femaleownedbusiness #indiemakeup #indiemakeupbrands #supportblackownedbusinesses #indiebrand #wiwt #dietprada

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