Road testing all five products in Evo’s new curl range


The range that promises to do it all.

My hair is my pride and joy, despite – and possibly because of – its flaws.

Its defining characteristics are that it’s baby thin and baby soft, so I’ve kept it relatively short since high school to give off the impression of volume that simply isn’t there. It’s got a very loose curl pattern and is basically incapable of looking neat or polished.

I’m very fond of its constant messiness, which is probably why I put almost no time or effort into styling and maintaining it. I use a nicer than average, curl-specific shampoo and conditioner every three or so days and scrunch through a ‘curl smoothie’ I nabbed from the office to tamp down frizz and add a little definition. Then I leave it to air dry and hope for the best. That being said, I’m definitely willing to put in the work and round out my routine if it helps my hair reach its full potential.

My hopes for the recently-released Evo curl range  – a line of five curl-boosting products suited to all hair types – have been high. Within the line there’s a deep, no-foaming cleanser; a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner (Evo’s named it a co-wash); a curl-boosting treatment; and the brand’s two styling products, the cult Liquid Rollers curl balm and a brand new curl definer. Each tackles a different problem common to curly hair and promises a solution that’s targeted, yet universally suited to all curls, from wavy to coily. A tall order, if you ask me.

For me, personally, I’ve been looking for a product that results in more definition and bounce, as well as greater consistency in how my hair looks each day. Texture is just as important to me as appearance, and I’m a little reluctant to give up the soft, silky feel of my hair for a more classic curly look.

After receiving all five products in the range, I tried playing around with them in a few different combinations to figure out what’s the most effective routine for me.

Having two cleansing products to choose from makes the range pretty versatile. Although I wash my hair every few days and rarely get to the stage of desperately needing a heavy-duty cleanser like Springsclean, I can still see myself incorporating it into my routine every now and then to get at any stubborn dirt or grime that builds up. My advice, particularly for any fellow baby-haired individuals, is to be super thorough when rinsing out both Springsclean and the brand’s co-wash, Heads Will Roll. Non-foaming products can trick your brain when you’re used to a classic shampoo experience, and I’ve found my hair feeling a little bogged down with excess product after insufficient rinsing a couple of times.

My favourite product is definitely the Baby Got Bounce curl treatment. Because parts of my hair are bleached, the concentrated hit of moisture really helped keep the soft, lush feel I’m after, right down its length. It also comes in a spray bottle, which is super nifty for distributing the product evenly and with more control than any creamy product I’ve ever used. I’m all for a product that makes an instant difference, and every time I’ve used this, I’ve noted improved texture the second I’ve finished rinsing.

The styling products took the most fiddling before I figured out the best approach for my fine hair, which is a problem I have with a lot of hair care. Liquid Rollers is a great nourishing balm and definitely helped to cut down the post-shower frizz I’ve gotten used to. Once I figured out that I only needed to follow it up with a teeny amount of the Total Recoil defining product, the duo came together a lot better.

They definitely work well as a team to elevate your hair’s natural texture, but I can also see myself using them separately for different effects – Liquid Rollers for a more relaxed, natural look and Total Recoil for days when I want people to say “Wow, your hair looks great today”.

I think the real strength of this product range is its ability to nail a ‘your hair but better’ look. After using all five products, my hair still looked soft, natural and a little messy, but everything felt elevated and intentional. My curls themselves were less frizzy and more defined, and the curl pattern of each strand started closer to the roots. This more consistent texture, all the way down its length, gave my hair extra body and a really healthy, bouncy look.

Texturally, my hair hit a really interesting spot where it felt soft and nourished, but there was still enough hold to keep even my thin, easily-mussed curls in shape throughout the day. I definitely advise people with fine hair to use the curl definer sparingly, and gently comb your curls out with your fingers after they dry, to break down any product-like texture left on the strands.

I also can’t believe I haven’t mentioned yet how good it all smells. While I’ve got nothing against the beach or coconuts, anybody who’s used curl-specific products is probably sick of them being the only scents available. There’s something about the scent Evo’s chosen that feels subtle and classy, and it really holds to your hair so you catch the scent throughout the day.

If you’re interested in giving it a whirl for yourself, find the full Evo curl range here.

This article was made in partnership with Evo, who supplied Maeve with products she genuinely loves. Read more here.


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