This start-up has created the first-ever reusable cotton bud

Images via LastSwab
Words by Anthony Graetz


It’s the little things that count.

Every day over 1.5 billion cotton buds are produced, with the average person disposing of 415 a year.

It’s time to clean up our act (pun intended) and make single-use cotton products a thing of the past.

Introducing LastSwab, the world’s first reusable cotton bud.

The nifty product comes in two designs: original and make-up. While the original is designed for cleaning your ears, the make-up version is perfect for fixing that fallen eyeshadow or wonky eyeliner we’re all guilty of.

LastSwab created a Kickstarter page in order to, you guessed it, kick start the company. And while the original goal was to raise $19,000 for production, the page has now raised over $900,000 in just a few weeks.

Sorry, our jaws just hit the ground.

With more than enough money donated to the cause, LastSwab is well into production and plans to have its products available by August this year.

The Kickstarter page closes this Friday, with donations still increasing. Let’s hope it makes it to $1 million.


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