I tried a vibrating rose quartz sculpting roller so you don’t have to


Rolling my stress away.

As we near the proverbial summit of hitting 70 per cent double vaccination rates in Victoria, with the expectation of lockdown easing it’s hard to not have our sights steadily set on future freedoms. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t spent the last couple of weekends sandal-clad, waking my knees from a rather pasty spell of hibernation in an attempt to sharpen my picnicking prowess.

But while I’ve been finessing my spiced Pimms concoction and stocking up on Telfast, I can’t help but concede that I’ve been rather neglectful of my skin during lockdown. The effects of vitamin D-deprived skin and dreaded maskne have only been exacerbated, with my skin copping much of the brunt of my lockdown stress.

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And with my go-to skin fairy beyond reach due to you-know-what, I took it upon myself to indulge in some much needed TLC. Typically when I think of self-care beauty rituals my mind jumps to plumping face-masks, luxurious body oils or something with an extensive ingredient list of words I can’t pronounce. But staring at my bathroom vanity one Thursday evening I realised I have never quite considered the benefits of a well-crafted beauty device.

Enter the Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller (long name, I know). If you’re well versed in the world of high-end beauty and the who’s who of celebrity skincare then you’re probably familiar with the name Angela Caglia. With a star-studded clientele lineup spanning from Barbra Streisand to Helena Christensen, Caglia is known as the ‘Hollywood glow girl’, and the latest addition to her coveted product range is no exception.

The vibrating sculpting roller has been handcrafted from the highest-grade rose quartz – ethically sourced from the foothills of Brazil, of course. Regarded as the stone of universal love, rose quartz has been revered for hundreds of years as a powerful talisman, evoking self-love, alleviating self-doubt and assisting in emotional healing. 

But what’s the difference between this roller and traditional face rollers I hear you ask? This scrupulously designed wand utilises over 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute in an effort to tone, lift and sculpt the face. The device aids in improving skin elasticity and alleviating facial muscle tension while reducing puffiness and promoting blood circulation.

By following the detailed directions of use, the device improves lymphatic flow and promotes cell turnover leading to firmer-looking skin. Essentially, the sonic vibration technology amplifies the benefits of traditional face rolling while providing a relaxing mini-facial from the comfort of your own home. Afraid the device might seem clunky and slightly unrealistic for my shamefully haphazard COVID skincare routine, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this slotted into my daily regime.

It’s recommended the device be used in collaboration with an oil or moisturiser to assist in face and neck absorption. In my case, I found the roller most effective when used bright and early in the morning alongside my vitamin B and C serums, with the cooling sensation of the roller significantly reducing the puffiness around my cheeks and eyes (the result of snoozing my alarm seven times). 

I was surprised by how calming yet effective the subtle sonic vibrations were, and after three weeks of daily use, I noticed a tighter jawline and more defined contours around my cheekbones. As a guiltridden night-time teeth grinder, I often wake with a stiff feeling jaw and found the sonic vibrations had an almost immediate impact in this regard. In addition, I was super impressed with how easy the tool was to use, often finding myself rolling away on the couch mid-Netflix session.

Although I can’t say I woke up overnight looking as chiselled as Zoe Kravitz (a girl can dream), I definitely noticed an overall difference in the elasticity of my skin and a reduction of puffiness, but most importantly I rediscovered the importance of self-care routines, particularly during these stressful times. 

The Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz  Sculpting Roller is available at Mecca.

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