You can now try on your perfect brow shape via ~technology~

Welcome to 2018.

If you’ve always wanted to perfect the thick brow look but are too afraid you’ll end up looking like Frida, we have news for you.

Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, you can now ‘try on’ your brows using ˜technology˜.

The brand has launched an augmented reality service that allows you to upload a selfie and experiment with different brow looks. You can even view different brows live on your face and update shade, arch, definition and placement of your brows.

Before you pass this off as ‘just another unrealistic beauty app’ let me stop you by saying this is the most realistic augmented reality service I have ever used. So much so, that I spent half an hour taking photos of myself at work.

Don’t believe me? JUST LOOK.

The technology was based on the brow-mapping technique Benefit uses in its stores, and manipulates your brows in a way that’s actually realistic. That means it won’t let you try on brows that aren’t achievable for you.

Once you’re happy with your *new and improved* face, the website will then direct you to the products you need to achieve the look, or your closest Benefit Brow Bar to replicate it.

If only I had this tool in 2007. Check out Benefit’s ‘Brow Try-On’ here.


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