11 WFH shoes that aren’t technically slippers


To wear shoes, or not to wear shoes?

We meet again at a crossroad. A defining moment of our day. A question we all think through each morning, while we tirelessly decide which outfit will make the trek with us from the bedroom to our makeshift office today.

To wear shoes, or not to wear shoes?

As working from home slowly creeps forward to the foreseeable future, I’m sure most of us are leaning towards the latter.

However, I’m a strong believer in starting the day right. And if the advice of hardcore freelancers accustomed to working from home is anything to go by, shoes = productivity.

But wearing socks or slippers for an entire working day is one of the few perks of WFH. So, to settle the divide and meet perfectly in the middle, let’s ditch those lamb wool booties and level up.

We’ve listed the perfect working from home footwear, all that feel a lot like slippers but are technically real shoes.

These Rejina Pyo shearling mules

A sophisticated shearling slip-on that, according to the Rejina Pyo website, is a slide-on mule and by default, most definitely not a slipper. Yet the Leo mule is not without its pitfalls. While the exterior is all fluff, the insole is actually calf leather. Still soft, but not quite as fluffy as a slipper.

Get them here.

These baby blue Monte Slippers

Okay, so admittedly these are slippers. But they are slippers that are socially acceptable to wear outdoors, so I feel they deserve a slot in this article. Monte’s are a hybrid of a velour loafer and a hotel slipper, with a range of colours available. Add embroidered initials because duh. 

Get them here.

These understated Tibi thongs

Break into the leather thongs trend with this demure iteration from Tibi, hilariously titled the Bryan Sandal. The Tibi website also describes them as a ‘sophisticated spin on traditional sandals’ which is hard to believe, but okay.  The upper is made from 100 per cent shearling sheep fur, which is guaranteed comfort. It also comes in two colourways, burgundy and magenta (pictured) and a caramel and pistachio.

Get them here

These sock mesh slipper flats from The Row

A mesh bootie is everything we didn’t know we needed, and trust The Row to actually make them look good. These are crafted in Italy and feature a delicate lace with a structured sole and heel, to balance comfort and aesthetics. Arguably, they’re a little too good for a WFH shoe and do require a pedicure. But if you’re up to the challenge, don’t let my cynicism hold you back.

Get them here

These Parme Marin slides

Titled the ‘Towell Off Node’ slides, these Parme Marin beauties feature a terry-towelling upper to carry you from shower to makeshift desk in mere seconds.  Certain colourways are made to order, with the range spanning rust, yellow, duck blue and old pink. It also features a wooden sole for the more sophisticated souls.

Get them here.

These Mara & Mine mules

A classic take on the satin slipper. The independent Sydney label has collaborated with emerging artist Emma Regolini (a.k.a. The Line) for the slipper, so you know your dollars are going to a good place. It features gold embroidery and a quilted satin insole for extra comfort. Big yes from us.

Get them here.

These St Agni knit loafers

Sans shearling, these are perfect for the people with an utter disregard for power bills who like to crank the heater. Featuring knitted cows’ leather, they relax with repeated wear. Also from another local independent label worth supporting. 

Get them here.

These Chloé shearling slides

A goatskin slide, how fancy. This very bougie version of the WFH shoe is now available at almost half its original RRP on The Outnet. And while still coming in at a hot $378, it may be how you choose to spend your disposable income. No judgement here. 

Get them here.

These Avec Modération clogs

Okay, clogs probably isn’t the right word, but these slip-ons are serving me a certain je ne sais quoi. Ideal for when you have to join a zoom meeting at 3 and herd imaginary sheep at 7. Also, the tartan detailing is doing a lot for me. I’m getting a chic pyjama vibe.

Get them here.

These fluffy slides by Ugg

Whoever said Ugg boots aren’t shoes obviously didn’t see these. Titled the ‘Oh Yeah Slides’, the name says it all. I concede they are on the more adventurous side, but no one’s going to witness them for the foreseeable future except your housemates so go on, take a risk. 

Get them here.

As you’re no doubt already aware, coronavirus has well and truly taken hold in Australia, and an increasing number of us will be self-isolating or working from home. We’re living through a scary, uncertain time right now, and it’s easy to get swept up in the neverending cycle of negative news. Over the coming weeks, we hope to provide you with a little reprieve from all the heaviness, and lots of ideas for how to fill all that time you’ll be spending at home. Take care out there and don’t be a stranger. We’re all in this together. Love the FJ team xx

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