Behold, a miniature AirBag for your AirPods

Words by Maggie Zhou

A little vintage moment for your carrying pleasure.

First, there were designer AirPod cases, and now Apple accessories brand Twelve South has launched a limited edition run of unisex AirBags for your Airpods.

This micro-mini bag is made of genuine leather and has all the trimmings of a typical bag, but it’s just a tenth of the size. It’s vintage-inspired, features a tiny top handle and a metal snap button, and there are even teeny tiny stitching details and removable straps.

But don’t judge the AirBag by its size. It will snugly fit your AirPods and charging case (with an opening for the Lightning charger) while keeping your precious headphones safely protected.

You can call one your own for roughly $83.00 AUD. Maybe that’s a fair price to pay for the sweet relief of never having to dig through your bags on a crowded tram again?


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