North’s ‘Warlu’ collection celebrates Warlpiri artists’ designs through fashion



Telling stories through textiles.

North has launched its latest collection, Warlu, featuring a range of beautiful garments designed by five Warlpiri artists. This launch marks another collaboration between the label and remote Indigenous artists, showcasing their stories through textiles.

North is a not-for-profit charity that works alongside Indigenous artists across the Northern Territory to help them develop new skills, while opening up creative opportunities for them.

Through the medium of fashion, the artists’ works bring stories of their land, family and culture to the wider Australian community. Profits from North’s sales are redistributed to the artists’ communities, and the label facilitates projects that support innovation in textile design in these communities. 

Murdie Nampijinpa Morris, Hilda Nakamarra Rojers, Steven Jupurrurla Nelson, Flora Nakamarra Brown and Shanna Napanangka Williams, the artists featured in this collection, are based in Yuendumu and Nyirripi, communities in the Northern Territory, located five hours North-west of Alice Springs. 

The new collection includes silk tops, dresses, linen pants, shirts, accessories and cushions, all hand-sewn in Melbourne. The designs feature bold brush strokes and joyful colours that celebrate the artists’ connection to the Warlpiri land and people.

The artworks featured reflect each individual artist’s Jukurrpa, commonly known as a Dreaming Story, and the unique narrative behind each garment is explained on North’s website. The Warlu collection is available for pre-order here. 


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