6 Crocs collaborations that are better than Post Malone’s

Words by Lydia Crist

Not again. 

The time has come. After the first three collaborations sold out in minutes, it’s no surprise that Post Malone has announced his fourth collaboration with Crocs. The latest launch sees Croc size up in what looks kind of like a car tyre. 

With an exaggerated chunky sole in a blue and black camo pattern, the shoe takes Croc collaborations to a darker place. 

But if you ask us, amongst Crocs’ many partnerships, this one just doesn’t measure up. The following six collections, were markedly better than Post Malone’s:

1. Barneys New York

Yes, they may be a lot with their spiked toes and leopard print strap, but at least they remained faithful to OG Crocs shape. With a selection of cute detachable buttons from lipstick to diamante padlock, the collaboration appealed to both the punk and the princess in us all. 

2. PSY

I’m not a hundred per cent sure how the creator of Gangnam Style got this one across the line. Keeping it simple yet cute, the artist’s collaboration with the sandal company gave white Crocs their moment in the sun. Taking us back to our eight-year-old selves drawing on Dunlop Volleys, the shoe featured an array of one-liners such as ‘Go crazy or go home’ and scrapbook doodlings. Super cute. 

3. Vivienne Tam


Probably my favourite of all the partnerships, Tam’s bedazzled Croc release was somehow both extra and completely wearable. Illustrated dragons festooned black and red colourways, making it was the perfect mix of edgy and fun.

4. Christopher Kane

Paying homage to Crocs’ humble beginnings as a gardening shoe, Kane’s designs placed an earthy spin on the classic clog. Embellished with stones and gems, the line came in a variety of two-tone marble prints to complement the rest of Kane’s collection.  

5. Balenciaga

Who could forget the super-stacked croc? Probably one of the most instantly recognisable collaborations the brand has undertaken, the shoe featured multiple Balenciaga branded buttons and endured enormous hype. While I am not so sure I could wear the gigantic croc flatform, I’ve seen people look great in them.

6. Pleasures pt 2. 

Ones of the simplest innovations in this lineup, the black shoe features a range of monochrome buttons serving as a more entry-level option than the otherwise jacked appearances on this list. From daisies to ghosts, the buttons lend the cute and playful touch missing from Malone’s more sombre recent drop. 


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