This accessory brand is making hats with wigs for people experiencing hair loss

Words by Mariah Papadopoulos

With four different hair colours.

Headwear brand Someone’s Sunday is launching a new range of collection of hats that come with hair attached, designed for women with hair loss.

The hats, which are available in four different hair shades, come in a variety of styles including a wide-brim Panama, a baseball cap, and a beanie. They’re carefully designed for breathability, with ethically sourced materials.

Someone’s Sunday is all about recognising that women can experience hair loss for many reasons. Rather than offering a fix-all solution, these accessories are a trendier, low-key way to break the stigma and provide support.

Whether a woman is going through cancer, experiencing alopecia or hormonal hair loss, the brand aims to help hair loss sufferers maintain confidence. Someone’s Sunday is less about restoring a stereotypical image of female beauty and more about acting as an aid for women in navigating the fluctuations between self-assuredness and vulnerability that hair loss can bring.

It’s about working with these ebbs and flows and being comfortable with ourselves, no matter what life presents us with.


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