AirRobe is the Airbnb of luxury secondhand fashion retailers

Words by Fashion Journal


The word ‘economy’ gets thrown around a lot: ‘gig economy’, ‘attention economy’, ‘space economy’. It’s a tech age buzz word that can ostensibly be dropped behind any arbitrary noun to make it sound more innovative.

What makes it easier to understand is when a brand takes one of those terms and builds its whole business model around it. Take AirRobe, the secondhand luxury fashion platform that embodies exactly one of these marketplaces: the sharing economy.

On a subscription basis, users can browse, sell and purchase ‘gently used’ luxury pieces from both individual sellers and secondhand retailers. The peer-to-peer system means AirRobe holds none of its own stock, focusing its expertise on curating all uploaded items and quality control instead.

Founder Hannon Comazzetto cites both the global boom in online secondhand retail and the importance of closing the production loop as reasons for launching the website.

“The average person today buys 60% more items of clothing than they did 15 years ago, but we are only keeping that clothing for half as long as we used to,” Hannon explained in a statement. “If we extend the lifespan of a garment by just 6 months, it reduces its carbon impact by 20%.”

Look out Vestiaire Collective, labels such as Gucci, Céline, Bassike, Camilla & Marc and Helmut Lang have already been listed on the site.


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