Anwar Hadid and Yoni Laham launched a unisex jewellery collection

Words by Christina Karras

A little bit gothic, a little bit romantic.

While his name might call to mind images of his two supermodel sisters, Anwar Hadid has become a modern style icon in his own right. Earlier this year he released his own unisex jewellery brand, Martyre, with friend and musician Yoni Laham.

After becoming fast friends, they realised their mutual love of jewellery and design. The pair noticed a unisex jewellery shaped hole in the market, they started to conceptualise designs that would be both unique and wearable for all.

“Once we recognised this void, it was easy to design because we were essentially designing for ourselves and what we were unable to find anywhere else,” the pair explains.

The range features earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, in sterling silver, 14k gold and rose gold metals. Hero pieces include thick band rings branded with messaging like “pray for us”, while earrings and necklaces are decorated with cherub charms. The Lennox uses two hands holding each other to form the clasp of the necklace.

It’s equal parts gothic and romantic, and Anwar describes the collection as “detailed, emotional and androgynous”.

“It’s a truly unisex collection and [we] hope to see men and women of all ages embracing Martyre, including those who may not have worn jewellery before.”

With religious-like iconography, the designs are laden with symbolism in an effort to create something as timeless as the pair’s own family heirlooms.

“I have a ring that my mum has saved for me since I was young that was handed down to her from her parents when she was young,” Anwar recalls. “I would say this is my most valued piece of jewellery because of the sentiment and family history it holds. One day I’ll use the ring to make something unique when the time comes.”

The pair credits the past as major inspiration for the collection. As they pulled design ideas from different centuries of art and eras, one symbol kept drawing them in – the way martyrs were immortalised.

“We found meaning in a word that resonated with us,” Yoni says of the brand’s namesake. “Particularly that of individual strength and the pursuit of what you believe in.”

It seems like 2019 is the year for men to start experimenting with their style, with celebs like Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky leaning towards more flamboyant, stereotypically ‘female’ fashion as a new version of androgyny. Anwar also noticed the change.

“I think more men are starting to embrace fashion in general – it’s a very exciting time for menswear. I think jewellery and accessories play a huge role in defining your ‘look’ and now more than ever men are much more open and interested in their personal style.”

And their advice when it comes to how to style it? Yoni suggests keeping it simple:

“Just wear what feels right to you – don’t try to pull something off that doesn’t feel comfortable or off-brand for your personal style. Jewellery doesn’t have to be trendy, or overbearing, it can be discreet and personal if that’s how you want to wear it.”


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