I reviewed all the Australian-made undies I bought in 2020



All the best underwear I found this year, all made locally.

Was 2020 the year that our wardrobes changed forever? A time when the focus became a lot more about comfort and a little less luxe? Only time will tell, but I did learn one long-overdue lesson during this time: good underwear is everything.

For most of my adult life, I sat in the undignified camp of one who lives in a constant state of not owning enough underwear. My options were limited, and let’s be honest, I only ever liked one pair from these slim pickings. Issues ensued – after all, mid-week washes are only for the young and energetic.

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While most of society was indulging in comfortable sweats and loungewear this year, I was finally remedying the sad container that acts as my adult undie drawer. Within a few months, my options have more than doubled, and favourites now outweigh the duds.

Put simply, I’ve discovered the power the simple undie holds. That small, singular piece of fabric yields so much emotion and dictates the discomfort or ease of our day. It sounds cliche, but with the right underwear, I am more prepared for the throes of daily life.

If your underwear options could also do with a revamp, raise your hand. It’s time we cherished our under-things as much as the outer. Here is my list of the underwear that got me through 2020, these are the Australian underwear brands that have revolutionised my world of panties. If you’re after an even bigger list of local underwear labels, head here.



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The Mean Girls-esque question “Does the perfect thong exist?” continually plagued me before I came across Nico earlier this year. But I’m glad to announce that it does exist, my friends. Even better, it’s made from naturally-dyed organic cotton (safe and healthy for all your private bits), is ethically made in India, and comes in the cutest pastel hues.


Hand Organic


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Hand Organic offers dainty, pared-back underwear that suits every occasion. With a palette consisting solely of ‘natural’ (a delicate off-white), these panties require zero thought. There’s a cut for us all (I’m obsessed with the Bikini Brief). The underwear feels raw and untainted in all the best ways, and utterly guilt-free as the brand promises to give back 5 per cent of sales to create positive change socially and environmentally.




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The option best suited for everyday wear and tear is Boody. These incredibly affordable bamboo basics are changing the way we see sustainability: it doesn’t have to break the bank. Stock up on a few g-strings for regular wear, chuck a bikini in there and add a cushy bralette in there to cover all your bases. The brand also has a range of men’s and baby options, so the whole family is satisfied. Bamboo claims to be anti-bacterial, breathable and hypoallergenic – all the things our nether regions require to thrive.


Lonely Lingerie


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[Editor’s note: I would encourage you to read this article about Lonely before deciding if you want to continue supporting the brand.] Of course, this is not technically Australian-made, but my NZ favourite also deserves an honourable mention. Not only is Lonely championing size inclusivity, but its lingerie is also undeniably comfy. I strap myself into my Bonnie every morning and immediately think ‘Today will be ok’. These are pieces that make you feel sexy without being overtly so; lacey and demurely on display (all the better if it’s for no one but yourself).


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