Balenciaga confuses the world with $1700 ‘T-shirt shirt’

Balenciaga T-shirt shirt

Images via Balenciaga
Words by veronica stanford

Double the fun.

We’ve seen thong jeans and PVC pants, but Balenciaga just proved fashion can still get weirder.

Behold the brand’s T-shirt shirt, a striped short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirt with two wearing options.

According to the product’s description, the top allows you to wear the tee with a front drape effect, or the shirt with a back drape effect.

If you’re looking for something a little less casual, you’ve also got the option of a double shirt, which is a short-sleeve collard shirt with – you guessed it – a long-sleeve collared shirt attached to the front.

Obviously, the internet has a lot to say about the designs.

Both shirts are available to pre-order now for $1705 and $1950 respectively, and ladies can also get their hands on a women’s double shirt for $2280.


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