Balenciaga releases a $225 scrunchie for people with too much money

Balenciaga blue scrunchie

Words by Tara Smith

Balenciaga pls.

Chances are, you’ve worn a scrunchie in your life.

Whether it was against your will as a pre-teen in the ’90s, or later in life when you decided they were cool again, it’s been used to fasten your hair at some point.

Given their basic function, scrunchies have rarely exceeded the $2 mark when bought from your local school uniform shop. That was until they were dubbed ‘high fashion’ and Mansur Gavriel sent them down the NYFW runway. That particular scrunchie costs around $40, which is expensive but feasible. Now, Balenciaga has gone and one-upped everybody with its own take.

You can now buy an all-leather Balenciaga scrunchie for $225 (just in case you had some extra money you didn’t have any use for).

The upmarket hair tie is softly ruched, detailed with the house’s logo in gold letters and arrives in azure blue, yellow and pink.

You can revive the ’90s trend for $225 here, or for the same price, buy 112 loaves of garlic bread.

We know what we’d prefer.


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