Levi’s x Google new trucker jacket plays music, makes calls, and gives you directions

Words by Jasmine Wallis


While Levi’s is a brand known for its longevity and heritage steeped in the actual Wild West, this most recent collaboration brings the label to a new kind of frontier.

Jacquard by Google works with designers to create “smart” clothes and products. It’s the same team that designed the Saint Laurent backpack that controls your phone from your shoulder strap.

This time around, Levi’s has inserted a stick-sized Jacquard chip into the sleeve of its classic Trucker Jacket, which then pairs with the wearer’s device.

With different motions such as double-tapping, brushing or covering the tag with your hand, the wearer automates specific phone functions. Cuff swipes can access calls and texts, play music, and give real-time updates about news, weather and calendar.

The Levi’s x Jacquard by Google trucker jacket is available here.


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