You can now shop a rare collection of jewellery from the Christian Dior archive on Farfetch

Words by Christina Karras


We know vintage fashion has a long held market in the industry, but archival fashion boutiques and pieces are seeing a spike in popularity.

In an exclusive from Farfetch, you’ll now be able to purchase never-before-worn pieces from the archives of Christian Dior.

The pieces are all perfectly preserved, and were carefully sourced by vintage jewellery expert Susan Caplan.

It’s set to feature 80 pieces of jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets, originating from 1976 to the late ’90s.

All the pieces in the archive hold Swarovski crystals, and were handmade by Dior’s master modeller.

This partnership between Farfetch and Dior seem to point towards the intersection of old-world retail experience and the contemporary culture of online shopping. Perhaps the positives of a global outreach, across the board releases and the ease of the digital age can bolster the rich history of these esteemed brands, changing to match a modern consumer.

It seems high fashion houses are being forced to move with the times – or face being left behind.


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