Danish startup debuts 3D-printed zero-waste sweater

Words by Ruby Staley

The high-tech designers on a sustainable mission

Clothing start-up, Son of a Tailor, has just kicked the environmental game up a notch by creating sweaters using 3D printers.

The Danish company pioneered the Zero Waste pullover with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, reaching its target of $15,000 in just 39 minutes.

Abiding by two core values – no fabric waste and no unsold inventory – Son of a Tailor uses 3D knitting machine technology to prevent overproduction and textile waste in the form of cut-offs when creating this unique design.

The Zero Waste sweater, along with the other garments made by the company, has a clean and minimalist aesthetic appeal. Not only is this a reflection of the brand’s Scandi origins, but also an enabling design feature that increases the wearability of the pieces, also upping the sustainability of the piece.

Each item on the website is completely made to order to fit customers’ specific measurements from their height to their weight. This is a win-win as each piece is totally customisable, the rates of product returns are significantly lowered.



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