This Converse and Ambush collab is their wildest yet 


A collaboration that’s far from boring.

Converse and Japanese brand Ambush have collaborated to rework two heritage Converse shoes. Unmistakably, the shoes are branded with the Ambush logo on the back of the heel.

The size of the pair is also printed distinctively on the back of the shoe in an almost Off-White-esque manner (or just in case you have a habit of forgetting your shoe size?). 

You might not recognise the CTAS Duck Boot. The shoe goes back 110 years, where it was designed for outdoor utility wear when Converse was a rubber shoe company. Fast forward to the present day, and Ambush has reinvented the boot, breathing new life into it through its use of bold colours and unexpected detailing. 

Co-founder and creative director of Ambush, Yoon Ahn, also enhanced the shoe’s weather resistance and durability to increase the functionality. You also might not recognise the renowned Chuck 70 hidden under the wild shearling.

This fuzzy sneaker is a complete juxtaposition to the Duck Boot which is rigid and serious. The bones of the traditional sneaker have been covered in either navy or black longwool in what is undeniably a (very furry) call-to-attention. 

The pair collaborated around this time last year to turn the classic Chuck 70 into a utilitarian, futuristic dream. You don’t have to spend much time browsing on the Ambush website to realise that this is largely its aesthetic.

But Ahn also uses Ambush’s clothing to push the boundaries of gendered clothing, something that’s prominent in these two pairs of shoes. According to Yoon, “There is no distinct line between what is distinctly men’s or women’s in the sneaker world”. It is this forward-thinking attitude which has seen Ambush collaborate with a multitude of brands, including Nike and UNIQLO.

You can shop the Converse and Ambush CTAS Duck Boot and Chuck 70 Fuzzy from November 24 here, as well as in select retailers.


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