New colours of the platform favourites Run Star Motions are helping Converse to reach new heights


The wildly popular Run Star Motions are back and better than ever.

The Run Star Motion is a modern and innovative take on the classic Converse models we all know and love. First released earlier this year, the style instantly became a sought-after addition to sneaker lovers’ collections. Two new colours are now on offer, available in black and lime, here to completely redefine platform style.

Converse has an incredible staying power that is hard to beat. For decades, the brand has consistently remained a staple for so many different types of people across the world. The versatility of the shoes allows them to be applicable to all occasions, and there was a time when they were the one and only pair of shoes I wore.

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When I was 20, I stacked it particularly badly in a pair of heels one night. Upon waking up the next morning, I realised my leg was broken and I all but swore off high heels forever. Enter: my favourite pair of Converse.

My black Chuck 70s had always been my everyday shoe, and following this unfortunate incident they became my preferred going out shoes as well (paired with an ankle brace, how stylish). I now didn’t have to wait until it was acceptably late enough in the night to swap my achingly painful heels for the comfort of Converse. I had an excuse to wear Converse even when the dress code was cocktail, and I could not have been happier.

Now, years later, my leg has recovered (although it still clicks unattractively every time I take a step), and that same pair of Converse remains a staple in my life. This consistency is not uncommon, and testament to the fact that Converse will forever be relevant.

The Run Star Motion is no different and has already cemented itself as an iconic addition to the Converse collection. Designed for utility, it features a grooved, rubber outsole and a webbed tongue. Comfort is key here, but the expressive and unique design ensures that style is a high priority too.

It’s hard not to be impressed at the myriad of ways Converse and the designers it collaborates with can reimagine classic styles. The Run Star Motion seamlessly combines a brand staple with a new future-forward design. The upper is a nod to the classic Chuck 70, while the bottom platform switches things up.

The Run Star Motion expands on the design of the Run Star Hike, a similar shoe with a Chuck Taylor upper and oversized rubber heel. Originally a collaboration with British label JW Anderson, the resounding success encouraged Converse to establish the shoe as a permanent fixture. JW Anderson is celebrated for its unique designs and androgynous approach to fashion, making it the perfect partner to reinvigorate existing Converse styles.

The exaggerated shoe base is in line with the contrasting proportions consistently seen in JW Anderson pieces, taking the chunky shoe trend to a whole other level. But trust me, these are not your dad’s sneakers.

This partnership, which eventuated in the birth of the Run Star Motion, is definitely not Converse’s first collaboration with a prolific designer. Beloved brands like Neighborhood, Missoni and Maison Margiela have all reimagined classic Converse styles in the past. 

The new Run Star Motions in black and lime are here to enhance the expressive design of the originals while making sure that comfort is not compromised. The pandemic has brought comfort to the forefront of fashion, after months spent in activewear and tracksuit sets.

While I’m excited about the prospect of returning to normal life and wearing real clothes again, the relaxed aesthetic of COVID fashion is something I have learnt to love. The Run Star Motions are perfect for the post-pandemic world, ensuring comfort while exuding effortless street style.

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