How Melbourne-based model, stylist and creative consultant Josaia Bruinsma self-styles the new Run Star Motion Low




Get weird.

Like jewellery, hair colours and shades of eyeshadow, the best sneakers are a statement. My first pair of Converse, in fact, were clear, plastic-like low tops I paired with neon ankle socks. This was followed, naturally, by rainbow multi-tongue high tops. From the first moment my year seven classmates flocked to my feet, I knew my statement sneakers were special.

I won’t lie – they haven’t all been winners. It took me a while to find my fashionable feet and I purchased a lot of shoes I only wore once or twice. But since gaining a little maturity, I’ve learnt the right styling can make a bold sneaker the most wearable item in your wardrobe. 

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To further prove this point, FJ asked Naarm-based model, creative consultant and stylist Josaia Bruinsma to style the latest edition of Converse’s Run Star Motion Low. That’s right – the 2021 icon has gone low in an entirely new iteration of the playful, wavy sneaker. 

With 100 per cent organic cotton canvas upper and a lightweight rubber sole, these sneakers keep you surprisingly supported all day long. The curvy, sculpted platform is the Run Star Motion’s standout, a fun distortion of the Converse silhouette we all know and love. With a little help from some of Australia’s most talented designer minds, Josaia talks us through four Run Star Motion Low looks. 

Can you tell us a little about the vision for these looks?

My main goal with these looks was to bring back the weird, kind of anti-sneaker aesthetic that inspired Converse back in the day. I was influenced by the people that really made Converse popular and accessible, like the artists and creatives. I wanted to move away from the really exclusive elements of sneaker culture. That was my main goal with these looks.

I wanted to make them really weird and play into the unusual silhouette of the shoe. It’s a Converse shoe that makes you do a double-take. I felt like getting weird. The running theme [of these four outfits] is experimental silhouettes and interesting shapes. 

Look one

I wanted to focus on creating characters with these looks. My inspiration often comes from movies, most recently Moulin Rogue – always [laughs]. The pants are by a Lithuanian label called Urtekat and the vest is an op shop find. I’ve pulled it in to give a different silhouette, I wanted it to contrast with the bagginess of the pants. 

The hat is by a Sydney-based brand called Schluff and the bag was created by a Naarm designer named Chloe, her label is @000033shop. I wanted to play with the puffiness of the bag, the texture of the hat and the wavy sculpted sole of the Run Star Motion Low. 

Oh! And I made this headpiece myself, it was a lockdown project. It’s actually not completed but I think I like how it looks unfinished. It’s a growing project. 

Look two

Similarly to look one, I wanted this outfit to play with proportions and distorted lines; reflecting the new iteration of the Run Star Motion. I was inspired by the ties on these chaps, they’re by Naarm designer Chantelle Lucyl. I’m wearing them backwards, actually. The ties were originally supposed to be the other way around.

So I started there, I put the shorts on over the top and really leant into that baggy look with the top and the belt – both from the op shop. The balaclava was knitted for me by a London crochet artist, @kanesclassics on Depop. The white version of the Run Star Motion really surprised me. They’re such an expressive pair of shoes, but they’re so versatile. 

Look three

Once again, I was looking for shapes, layers and really wacky, random silhouettes. I love this flowy pant/skirt combo by Yohjiya Mamoto. It’s contrasted by this cinched, thrifted corset; really bringing my waist in. A corset is great for creating interesting shapes. This look follows the lines of the Run Star Motion beautifully. 

Look four

This might be my favourite look, actually. I’m wearing Prada shorts, my JPG tie, my Vivienne Westwood socks and an op shop jacket and shirt. I love this for a more everyday outfit, it’s perfect for work. It’s a little business but still has the colour scheme of the Run Star Motion hidden throughout the outfit.

Shop the new iteration of the Run Star Motion Low here.

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