Depop opens offices in Australia

Words by Lydia Crist

Australia is its third-largest market.

With over 140,000 items listed each day, UK-based online marketplace Depop is not just a phenomenon, it’s a Gen Z universe.

Since its inception in 2011, the resale clothing platform has found a thriving overseas community with users accessing a wide range of items. From pre-loved designer pieces to 2000s vintage, the Instagram-like interface allows account holders to surf an online marketplace of makers and second-hand sellers. 

However, for its users in Australia, our access is often more limited. The high cost of international shipping, combined with a smaller number of sellers leaves Australians trailing when it comes to finding and purchasing pre-loved wear as easily as our overseas counterparts. 

Depop sees you and hopes to change this. The company will expand its physical presence to Australia in 2020 by opening offices here, identifying the continent as its third-largest market. The move aims to see their already 16 million users grow and hopes it will sellers and improve access to a wider range of items.

Given its Australian sales increased by 90% from 2018 to 2019, a Depop global domination seems imminent. 


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