These eco-friendly undies are made to protect you and the planet


“If I’m actively making more conscious decisions when I purchase clothing, why should this not apply to the threads I wear underneath?

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t bought yourself a new pair of underwear in an embarrassingly long time. The only new undergarments I’ve purchased in the past year have been my collection of period undies and an emergency strapless bra, thanks to a wardrobe malfunction.

I generally wear underwear until there’s a gaping hole or it’s hanging by a thread, at which point I run down to Kmart (or even Coles, don’t judge) and grab the cheapest three-for-one bundle I can find. But since the start of 2022, I made a conscious decision to reduce the number of fast fashion purchases I make this year (and clothing purchases in general).  

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I’ve been successful in my quest so far, only buying a few items of clothing over the past five months, all of which I wear on frequent rotation. But now that some of last year’s underwear purchases are looking a bit worse for wear, I’ve been questioning my usual cycle of buying the cheapest, most basic pair of undies I can find.

If I’m actively making more conscious decisions when I purchase clothing, why should this not apply to the threads I wear underneath? While I buy a lot of my clothing secondhand, this isn’t the most hygienic route when it comes to underwear. Luckily, Naarm-based, carbon-neutral brand Kip&Co is releasing its very own line of sustainable bras and undies. 

Kip&Co specialise in bedding and homewares, but also vibrant apparel for both women and children – and now, underwear. Described as “the next best thing to being nude”, the simple undergarment pieces are made from sustainable, organic cotton and are available in sizes six to 16 across three designs: Garden Party, Lavender and Oranges and Lover Tie Dye.

The bralettes come in two styles, one with an adjustable strap and contrast stitching and the other a ’90s-style crop top with a large logo band, and both come with briefs to match. Plus, the collection is all made with GOTS and oeko-tex certified dyes, meaning they’re 100 per cent safe for your downstairs area. 

Not only is Kip&Co carbon neutral but it also has a number of other practices in place to ensure its textiles are made with the least possible impact on the environment. This includes saving materials from landfill by donating 100 per cent of its cotton offcuts to Goonj, an Indian charity that provides support to local community initiatives by using the offcuts to make products like backpacks and purses. Other fabric scraps are also donated to local kindergartens.

Like all of Kip&Co’s products, your new set of undies will come packaged in reusable cotton bags or biodegradable cornstarch bags, with all of the packaging and marketing materials printed on 100 per cent recycled paper. The clothing label also gives all of its team members a ceramic cup to ensure the Kip&Co office is a takeaway coffee cup free zone. 

So, if you’re down to your last set of undies like me (or are shamefully wearing period panties on non-period days), try spending your money on underwear the same way you would any other clothes. Every step we can take towards sustainable clothing practices is a step forward for the planet. 

To shop Kip&Co’s new sustainable underwear range, head here.

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